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On Tuesday, May 8, 2021, the Industrial Union of Workers of Mining Companies of Panama (SITRAEMIP), together with four representatives of the province of Coclé, presented a letter to the Ministry of Government of Coclé, Governor Julio Palacios, to express their support to reactivate the Molejón Gold Mining project. The government of the Republic of Panama’s decision to restart the mine will bring dignified jobs and will contribute to the reactivation of the economy.
In addition, they also applaud Broadway's commitment to provide payment of lost labor benefits owed to the workers by the previous operators.

Broadway Strategic Metals Historical Presentation with the Republic of Panama to Restart the Molejón Gold Mine and the Construction of Precious Metals Refinery

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Broadway Strategic Metals is a privately-owned mining company managed by industry veterans with over 30 years of experience advising over 15 country’s government on resource exploration & development, risk management, sustainability, technology, job creation, financing, mining and education. Broadway’s consortium of international mining executives, legal experts, community partners and finance specialists, bring insight and a holistic understanding of the socio-economic legacy issues effecting mine development. This history and experience provides high-level solutions to both the government and the private sector.

Giving back to the communities through environmentally responsible mining. 

Committed to Environmental, Social & Governance


•  Reforestation programs
•  Utilize latest technology, operational and mining techniques to reduce environmental impact.
•  Partner with like-minded senior mining companies with a track record of sustainable mining practices.


•  Strategies have been developed in consultation with community leaders to form partnerships in future developments.
•  Social economic benefits for communities to help increase quality of education, technology, healthcare and housing to create a higher standard of living.


•  Adhere to the highest level of mining operation best practices.
•  Third party Advisory Board and Compliance Committee.
•  Public company level of auditing and transparency. 

Experienced Directors, Management Team & Advisors with a Track Record of Sucess

Broadway Strategic Metals Directors, Officers & Advisors

Mr. Parnham brings a wealth of knowledge, international contacts, and over 30 years of experience in the mining and hydrocarbon industries to Broadway Strategic Metals.

Mr. Pulido has a great amount of experience advising private companies in the execution of contracts with the government of Panama.


Mr. Parnham is a highly experienced corporate finance executive with exposure in both public and private company settings.


Mr. Nuñez is a practicing attorney and Professor of Banking Law, Universal Trials, and Agricultural and Mining Law at the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT).

Mr. Minty, has more than 30 years of experience in mineral resource exploration and development of precious and base metals in Canada and internationally.


Mr. Bagg has over 20 years of financial industry experience in capital markets, Investor Relations and Sales & Marketing in the areas of mining, investment funds and real estate.

Partnering with the government, the communities and senior mining companies to bring mining projects to fruition.

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